Estates and Probate

We know…

  • That losing a loved one can be devastating and that the responsibility of sorting out an estate can add to the strain
  • That if someone dies without leaving a will close relatives are sometimes confused and worried about what happens to property and money
  • That thinking about paying any tax due may be far from your mind at this time
  • That families do not always agree and we can provide impartial advice, support and assistance
  • That the administration of some estates can be complex and time consuming

We know how to help you through a difficult time

When a loved one dies, it can be hard to focus on the practicalities of the situation, such as arranging the funeral. It is an additional burden to have to deal with the administration of the estate.

We can assist by establishing who is entitled to benefit from the estate, whether or not there is a will.

We will guide you through the necessary steps to take out a grant of representation and deal with the estate.

Where a challenge is made to a will or a claim is made on an estate, our specialist litigators can advise you as an executor or as a potential claimant.

We can advise on any options for mitigating the inheritance tax bill, by varying the terms of the will or intestacy provisions (provided all concerned are in agreement).

Our private client team will work with the family to complete the administration of the estate as quickly and sympathetically as possible.

We can secure your entitlements and protect your assets by working with you.