We know…

  • That you may want to leave money to a child in your will but have concerns about when and how they will inherit your legacy
  • That trusts for personal injury settlements are cost effective
  • That trusts are useful for tax planning purposes and for safeguarding your family’s future
  • That trusts are no longer the province purely of the wealthy but can now benefit an increasing number of people

Many people think that trusts, where money is held by third-party trustees for the benefit of others, are something that only apply to the wealthy.

However, trusts have many applicable uses in the modern world.

You may wish to create a trust in your lifetime, or in your will, to mitigate tax liabilities or to set aside money for someone.

This might be a personal injury settlement, or to protect the interests of a first family on a second marriage.

We can assist with the management of existing trusts, and with the creation of new trusts.

Our private client team can explain how setting up a trust can be beneficial for you and anyone to whom you would wish to leave a legacy.

Our private client team includes members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and has the technical and practical ability to give you effective advice.