We know …

  • That you will want to ensure that your loved ones are properly looked after should anything happen to you
  • That disputes arising from poorly prepared wills can be costly and distressing for all concerned
  • That making a will may be something you have always intended to address - it is too important to keep putting off

We know how to help you protect your loved ones

Making a will can be one of the most important things that you do for those you care about and mistaken assumptions can be made about what will happen to possessions when someone dies.

Elderly persons may have specific bequests that they want to leave to those they care about and assume that other family members will remember their wishes and deal with them upon their death.

Young parents may make assumptions about what they believe will happen to the family home if they were to die while their children are still minors.

Unmarried partners may not know how they can each ensure the long term financial security of the other.

In our experience people are often surprised by what in fact does or can happen following a death.

Many people are also unaware that most estates fall within the Inheritance Tax Provisions which can leave hefty tax bills to be paid from the estate.

The consequences of either not making a will or opting for an "off the shelf" version may be significant.

Our private client team will make the whole process of securing the future of your loved ones easy to understand.