Public Sector

We know public sector risk

We know…

  • That in a litigious society public sector organisations face many and varied challenges
  • That the volume and complexity of claims can put in-house staff under enormous pressure
  • That you value proactive legal support for your in-house team
  • That efficient case management is vital to the success of a case

You need solicitors with a track record

You need solicitors with a successful track record of protecting public bodies from all types of litigation.

  • We are known and respected nationally for our expertise and innovative approach to this work.
  • We can offer a unique and informed insight into the issues you may need to consider as a result of our experience gained from the volume and variety of the work that we have successfully handled in this sector.
  • We have a proven track record in satisfying the very stringent processes, procedures and key performance indicators demanded by insurers and claims handlers.
  • We know that meeting the precise reporting requirements of clients involved in litigation is an essential skill.
  • We can work with you in the way you choose to help you maintain control over your caseload, provide advice on policy issues and help you identify and prepare for future claims trends.
  • We can provide a complete service that has been proven to protect the interests of public sector organisations.

Our public sector team can advise you on:

  • Employers’ Liability claims
  • Public Liability Claims
  • Officials’ Indemnity Claims
  • Motor Claims